Play volleyball with computer or online friends around the world!
Location Game & Refreshing Puzzle Game & Nationwide championship Simulation!
Gourmet World
Collect ingredients from all over Japan and make delicious dishes!
Grand Sumo Tournament
This is a exciting sumo tournament.
Ancient City
Japanese Backgammon Special
The best board game application for killing time!
Rescue Helicopter
Save the disaster victims throughout Japan as a helicopter pilot!!
A game where you can enjoy hiking and mountaineering in any place
Change the mode to 'Water, Air, or Ice' to overcome various hurdles!
Moe! Dodgeball
'Gourmet World', 'Virus Hunter' and 'High School Student' characters come together to play the dodgeball game!
Bio Bazar 3
Power up the defenses and protect your base from the zombie waves!
Poker King
Bet chips and play games with opponent of each level. 4 new opponents were added!
World War III
This is a strategic simulation game in which you will move troops and attach the capital of the enemy.
Pro Wrestling
There was always wrestling there ... Who will win the championship in the 'Best wrestler ever' competition tonight?
Bike Wars
Lean in, lean-out, win the races with your full riding skills!
Cult & Horror
Shoot enemies and win the fight!
Rule of Law #1 - Ward of Nightmare
An inexplicable incident happened in a general hospital.
Handsome Kiss — Kiss Collection
Making correct choices in the conversations to get a happy ending!
Dressing Up Elevator
Change beautiful clothes and enjoy your leisure time.

Android & iPhone / iPad Applications